Asheville Sushi & Hibachi

Asheville Sushi & Hibachi

Important news: we added a couple new meals in our menu.

That sweet taste of a dessert at the end of the meal... If you look forward to it too, then you're at the right place! Our menu has prolific choice of desserts. It can make even the prolific sweet tooth person happy! ... Virginia's Finest: Smithfield Ham Celebrate this year’s...

How to cook Peking duck. Sign up for our course!

Bettaso's menu knows no borders and nationalities. At the core of our main courses roaster, we have the idea of a cosmopolitan, contemporary cuisine. So whether you'll pick a meat, fish or vegetarian main course, be sure that it will be universally good!... Virginia's Finest: Smithfield Ham Celebrate this year’s...

New Years menu: sweet potato with pumpkin pie.

The start of any meal is so important... So brace your appetite, while waiting for your main course. Our diverse and delicious appetizers will help you with that!... Virginia's Finest: Smithfield Ham Celebrate this year’s Lovers Day by visiting our cozy, romantic Restaurant! Each year we are introducing some new...

Virginia’s Finest: Smithfield Ham

The southern state of Virginia is well known for its hospitality and also for mastering the art of cooking smoked meats. The Smithfield Hams are the best example. Cooked in a long smoky process, learnt by locals from Native Americans, these veal hams taste like.